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Married Gay Straight Stud For Same

I hesitated to do yet another post about yet another public sex sting ...
BEDFORD - A sting aimed at men who cruise a rest area off Interstate 684 for gay sex resulted in charges against 20 men in the past month, including a Catholic priest and a registered sex offender. The sting, which also netted a local Rotary Club president and a 72-year-old man, was prompted by a complaint from a man who stopped to use the rest area with his 10-year-old son, said Capt. Robert Meyer, state police commander in Westchester County. Most of the men were charged with either loitering or trespass violations or both. One was charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor.
But Dan Savage once again makes this critical observation: "Out of the 20 men arrested seeking gay sex in a toilet off I-684, how many do you think were openly gay?"
With the exception of Mead [the priest], all of those charged are married, police said.
Savage: "The correct answer was none! How does the same story get written after every public 'gay sex' sting? 'Hey, all the men arrested are married or priests! What’s up with that!' What’s up with that, of course, is that squalid, anonymous toilet sex isn’t something most openly gay men engage in. It is, for the most part, the preferred mode of sexual expression for closeted gay and bisexual men. Cruisy toilets and parks, while frequented by some openly gay men (none of whom ever seem to get caught, however), are primarily patronized by straight-identified closet cases, married men, losers, and priests—hell, the existence or cruisy toilets and parks make it possible for many of these men to remain closeted."

I'd add that probably the biggest draw for the few openly gay men that do cruise these locations is their fetishization of the "straight" men who comprise the bulk of the cruisers. You know, because straight men are, by default, hotter than queers.

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