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(Another) Blowoff Recap

I'm pretty sure Saturday's Blowoff was the best one ever. Pretty sure. The second half of the party is a teensy little foggy to me. Stupid tequila. Stupid beer. But it wasn't just me that got his drunk on - I got tons of great pics that I can't use here because everybody looks so freekin' hammered. The place was wall-to-wall fur (I think they stopped letting people in around 1am), but the club really had its act together and there were short lines at the bar and the coat check. Miracles happen, people.

I knew very little of the music that DJs Bob Mould and Rich Morel played, which is exactly how I like it. One big highlight was a killer remix Rich Morel did of Alice Cooper's 1980 single Clones (We're All). Rich also played his new Cyndi Lauper tracks. Big fun. Bob starts his tour to support District Line next week, and as I always do I warmed up for Blowoff by played nothing but Mould and Morel at the house before we headed out. When I finally got up at 2pm on Sunday, I realized that I had a new #1 on my iTunes playlist because I'd let Bob's new single, The Silence Between Us, play 381 times in a row on my laptop. Stupid tequila. Stupid beer. You can stream District Line here.

Almost everybody I love in NYC was in the house for this Blowoff. I briefly chatted with some guy from Project Runway (Rami) but had no clue he was a *star*. Ah, well. Pleasant guy, though. I also met a few JMG readers on the dance floor, so hello to Charles, Andre, Etienne, and the "A-T-L boys". Here's some handsome guys that I snapped before things got out of control.ABOVE: Matt and Clickboo.ABOVE: Dr. Jeff (right) and friends.ABOVE: Damian and Randy.ABOVE: Chris and Wolf.ABOVE: Michael and Franco.

ABOVE: Eddie and Aaron.
ABOVE: Click the pic to go to Dr. Jeff's excellent photo gallery.

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