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Brazilian Court Orders Wealthy American To Pay Palimony

An interesting development from Brazil.
A court in Brazil has ruled that a married American man must share part of his wealth with a Brazilian man with whom he had a four year relationship. The Court of Justice in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, a state that legalized civil unions in 2004, recognized that the US citizen and the Brazilian man had a 'stable union.' The couple, whose identities have been kept secret, had frequent meetings in Brazil, the US and other countries, the court was told. In addition to this the Brazilian showed the court that he had supported three members of the American man's family, reports EFE News.The American, who lives with his wife in Miami, is said to have over $450 million in assets.
How much is four years of being a boy toy worth? Apparently one farm, two apartments, and a house. The precedent-setting case marks the first time a Brazilian court has made such a judgment for a gay couple that had not lived together. The American is appealing the decision.

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