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Burger Logo Riles Humor-Free Queers

Gay students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor are upset with the logo of a local burger joint.
The Stonewall Democrats, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender caucus of the University's College Democrats chapter, has taken offense with the restaurant's logo and recently began circulating a petition to sway the owners to change the logo. LSA senior Kolby Roberts, a member of the Stonewall Democrats who has led the effort, said he finds the logo's message inappropriate and offensive.

"I have a problem that you take a women riding a hamburger and you put it next to the word 'quickie,' " he said. "It just seems like it's not putting a good message out there for the objectification of women."

Maria Arman, whose family owns the restaurant, said the logo was meant to invoke a cowboy theme. "We were thinking beef, rodeo, so instead of putting a cowboy, we just picked a cowgirl," she said. "It's a rodeo-style cowgirl riding a bull, but instead, it's a burger. It was put together to be funny and different. No offense was meant to anyone."

Before selecting a logo for the restaurant, which features a maize and blue color scheme with televisions tuned to ESPN on the interior, the owners showed the logo to more than 100 people and none of them objected, Arman said. "The people who we talked to told us, 'It's a college town and the kids will think its funny,'" she said.
Oh, jeebus people. PICK YOUR BATTLES! Dumbass petty shit like this make us look like humorless pricks. How much cred will the Stonewall Democrats have at the school when a real issue comes up? The national chapter needs to set these kids, uh, straight.

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