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Gay Marriage Causes Extra Gayness!

Via Christian Newswire:
Voters in several U.S. states soon will decide whether same-sex marriage will be permitted in their state. However, most voters are unaware of scientific research which reveals that social endorsement of homosexuality, as would be the case with the legalization of same-sex marriage, will lead more individuals into a homosexual lifestyle.

Trayce L. Hansen, Ph.D. [JMG: pictured above with her Commodore 64] , a licensed psychologist, recently reviewed extensive worldwide research on the origins of homosexuality and the impact social endorsement has on the rate of homosexual behavior. Dr. Hansen's findings are reported in a newly released article entitled, "Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Will Increase Prevalence of Homosexuality: Research Provides Significant Evidence."
A glance at Hansen's website indicates that she bases her conclusions on the old "environment as cause of homosexuality" bit. It's kind of hilarious.
For American men, the environmental factor most related to homosexual behavior was the degree of urbanization during the teenage years. Specifically, boys who lived in large urban centers between the ages of 14 and 16 were three to six times more likely to engage in homosexual behavior than were boys who lived in rural communities during those same ages. The authors offer the following possibility: "an environment that provides increased opportunities for and fewer negative sanctions against same-gender sexuality may both allow and even elicit expression of same-gender interest and sexual behavior (p.308)." Note the word "elicit." These researchers believe that growing up in a more pro-homosexual region may evoke or draw out homosexual behavior in young men. The implication is that some homosexual men who were reared in urban centers would not have become homosexual if reared in non-urban centers. The authors explain, "the environment in which people grow up affects their sexuality in very basic ways (p.309)."

For American women, the environmental factor most associated with a homosexual or bisexual identity was a higher level of education. And though that was also true for men, the pattern for women was more dramatic. For instance, a woman with a college degree was nine times more likely to identify herself as non-heterosexual than a woman with only a high school diploma. The specific elements that create this marked difference are unclear, but the researchers don't believe it's simply due to higher reporting of non-heterosexuality by more educated individuals. They believe one explanation is the fact that with more acceptance, even encouragement, of homosexuality at universities, more university women embrace a non-heterosexual lifestyle. For an example of how that might develop, see Dennis Prager's article entitled, "College Taught Her Not To Be a Heterosexual."
Got that? Boys suck dick when there's plenty of it. And college makes you dyketastic. Otherwise, yeah, gay marriage probably WILL make more people comfortable with embracing their gayness. That's sort of the point, Dr. Hansen.

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