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Morning View - Subway Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein's 1994 Times Square Mural in the 42nd Street station is too long to get into one shot, but this center panel with the flying train is my favorite bit.
A 6-foot-high, 53-foot-long panel that revisits the history of New York transportation, the first panel shows a portion of an arch rendered to resemble tile and masonry, the materials of the 1904 subway. The next arch metamorphoses into a steel girder, distilling the Machine Age of the 1930's, when metal gained popularity as a symbol of modernism. Streaking through the arches is a winged spaceship, suavely streamlined in the period manner."
Over 500,000 people a day go through the Times Square station, making Lichtenstein's piece one of the most-viewed pieces of art in the world.

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