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Equality California Invites Miss CA USA Carrie Prejean To Meet LGBT Students

Equality California wants Carrie Prejean to understand the power homophobia has to hurt LGBT youth, especially in light of two recent suicides caused by anti-gay bullying. EQCA has invited Prejean to meet gay leaders and LGBT youth.
Equality California (EQCA) has invited Miss California Carrie Prejean to meet with leaders from her home state lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations, LGBT students and a family headed by a same-sex couple to start a dialogue about who LGBT people are and the harm that is caused by denying LGBT community members equality. "Miss California probably doesn't realize how hurtful her statements are, especially to LGBT youth," Kors said. "But this is about something much bigger than the issue of marriage alone, and I have to believe that if she meets us, she will come to see our humanity, and at the very least, I hope she will understand that what she says as Miss California can either hurt people or bring them together."
Read their letter to Prejean here. (PDF)

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