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Christian Athletic Group: Keep Trans People Out Of Competitive Sports

Well, you knew the Christian right just had to weigh on the situation faced by South African sprinter Caster Semenya. Some Jeebus-based track and field organization named 4 WINDS bleats:
The liberal San Francisco-based National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC) says the IAAF should "stay out of Caster Semenya's pants". "Your efforts to make champion Caster Semenya 'prove' she is a woman are shameful and unnecessary, and undermine the integrity and dignity of women athletes." 4 WINDS commends the IAAF for conducting future tests on Caster Semenya. In 2003, 4 WINDS was the only Christian organization protesting the International Olympic Committee's decision to allow transgender athletes in the Olympics after sexual reassignment surgery. 4 WINDS is not implying that Semenya is an athlete who is purposely cheating, but may be a victim of circumstances. We believe compassion is important, however, chromosome make-up should be the determining factor in these situations. When an athlete enters the international level, some rights are lost.
"Steve McConkey is the President of 4 WINDS, a Christian apologetics and track and field ministry. Steve and his wife have been in track and field ministries since 1981."

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