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The Hilarious Tweets Of James Hartline

For pure entertainment value, I follow the Twitter account of James Hartline, the "ex-gay" multiple felon who crusades against everything gay in San Diego. Here's a few gems from recent days.

-"It is a proven fact that marijuana reduces learning ability. Isn't that why most atheists are pot smokers? They can't see God thru the haze."
California let gay activists & socialists run the state government. Results: new $68 billion state debt & 98,798 residents fled state in '08."
I've never publicly released the vast majority of the prophetic dreams that God has given me. I've had 3 about Iran I'll soon be revealing."
God granted me an assignment to be a prophetic catalyst to reclaim San Diego. 15th porn business shut down on my watch."

It just goes on and on like that.

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