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HomoQuotable - James Hartline

"Many years ago, the Lord ordained me to enter into a prophetic battle to destroy the demonic works of Satan in San Diego as a preparatory phase for a major move of God that would begin in this city. For ten years I have stayed that course and never abandoned my assignment. Through dreams and visions, God has granted me deep understanding of His word and how to use His eternal scriptures as weapons of warfare for the fulfilling of His commission for my life.

"As a result of applying what the Holy Spirit has taught me, I have seen an enormous number of the devil's primary strongholds in San Diego shut down. The Lord is now intensifying the dismantling of those dark places where God has instructed me over the past decade to intercede against the enemy. Over the next few days, you will see extraordinary manifestations of the hand of God in San Diego." - "Ex-gay" prophet and multiple felon James Hartline, who says he prayed God into burning down down the Deja Vu titty bar and that more Holy Arson is coming!

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