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24% Of GOP: Obama Is The Anti-Christ

According to a Harris survey to be released tomorrow, 24% of polled Republicans say they believe the president is the anti-Christ.
President Obama is a socialist, a racist, and could possibly be the antichrist. That is what is being shown in the latest GOP poll. The Harris poll was taken during the peak of the health care debate, and surveyed over 2,000 people. Here are some scary statistics from the new GOP poll. The Harris poll says that two thirds of Republicans (40% of Americans) believe that President Obama is a socialist. 57% (32% overall) believe that he is a Muslim, and 45% (25% overall) believe that he was not born in this country. The scariest statistic though, is that 24% of Republicans believe that Obama is the antichrist.
You can't make it up, folks.

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