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CALIFORNIA: New Poll Reports Majority Of Catholics Support Gay Unions

Via Catholic Culture:
A survey of over 3,000 Californians conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute in June has found that Catholics strongly support the legal recognition of homosexual unions. Only 22% of white Catholics and 23% of Latino Catholics oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions. 37% of white Catholics and 44% of Latino Catholics support same-sex marriage, while an additional 41% of white Catholics and 28% of Latino Catholics support homosexual civil unions. In contrast, 53% of Latino Protestants oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions. The survey did not distinguish Catholics by frequency of Church attendance. “Protestants are much more likely to hear about homosexuality from their clergy than Catholics,” the survey report added. “Only 29% of white Catholics and 42% of Latino Catholics report hearing about homosexuality from their clergy.”
Freepers say the poll's respondents are CINOS (Catholics in name only.)

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