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Save The Date!

Dammit! Why does Jeebus always have to come back on the weekend?
Marie Exley of Colorado Springs is convinced that Armageddon, the end of the world as written of in the Bible, will come next year. Her conviction is so strong that, though unemployed, she’s paid $1,200 to buy advertising space on 10 Springs bus benches through October to get the word out. The ad says, “Save the Date! Return of Christ: May 21, 2011,” “I want to do all I can to get the message out,” Exley, 31, said. Exley got the idea for the ads from listening to Family Radio, a Christian broadcast heard on 55 stations in the United States, including KFRY, 89.9 FM, in Pueblo. It’s hosted by controversial Christian leader Harold Camping. Camping predicts Christ will return on the date in Exley’s advertisement. Listeners in other states have also purchased outdoor ad space to proclaim the date. The ads are written and designed by the creators of, an Ohio-based web site devoted to reminding people of Christ’s return. “We hope it raises awareness and sends people to their Bible,” said Robert Dunham, spokesman for “Time is running out, but there is still time for salvation.”
The Mayans are going to be pissed about this.

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