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Castro Evacuated Due To Gas Leak

I'm getting dozens of emails and tweets reporting that much of the central Castro business district has been evacuated due to a major gas leak. Some write to say that they can actually hear gas rushing out of a broken main line.
A high pressure gas line has been ruptured by workers using a backhoe at 18th and Castro. Street closures are in effect on the 400 and 500 block of Castro as well as 18th Street between Hartford and Collingwood. These areas are closed to both car and foot traffic. Muni lines 24, 33, and 35 are impacted and will be re-routed in the area. Castro Street Muni Metro station is also closed.
Stand by for an update. Residents are naturally quite anxious with San Bruno still fresh in their minds.

UPDATE: This just in from SF emergency services.
The ruptured gas line at 18th and Castro has been shut off. Repair work will continue to take and additional 4 hours. Bus service on the 24, 33 and 35 lines have been re-routed and Castro Station has just re-opened. The 400 block of Castro Street will continue to be closed for another 2-3 hours. DEM will continue to monitor and unless there is a significant change this is a final report.
(Photo by JMG reader Kevin K.)

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