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Headline Homophobia From The NY Post

Gawker's Brian Moylan weighs in on the latest headline from the New York Post, which is rightfully famed for its witty headlines. Usually.
It is just a cheap, dull, and unoriginal joke, that it's below the NY Post, which prides itself on having some of the cleverest headlines in the business. Oh, and it's doubly offensive to gay men, not only because it says that anyone who would want to enter into a relationship with another man is womanly, but also because it also pokes fun at the fact that we can't even get married if we want to. Then it reappropriates the word "proud," which gay men associate with Gay Pride and celebrating our liberation. Sorry, Post, but only gays get to make fun of Pride—and god knows we do.
And as we pointed out to Us Magazine only yesterday, Elton and his partner are not married, so the "wife" slam doesn't work on any level at all.

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