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The Rise Of Seven Mountains Dominionism

Probably the scariest development in the Christianist movement in recent years is the advent of "Seven Mountains" dominionism. Right Wing Watch explains:
Seven Mountains dominionism seeks to place Christians in control over the seven forces that shape and control our culture: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion. The reason for this, as Lance Wallnau, the leading advocate for Seven Mountains theology, explained is that Jesus "doesn't come back until He's accomplished the dominion of nations." And that way "dominion of nations" is accomplished is by having Christians gain control of these "seven mountains" in order to install a "virtual theocracy" overseen by "true apostles" who will fight Satan and his Antichrist agenda.
One of the most popular advocates of Seven Mountains is historical revisionist David Barton, about whose sermons Mike Huckabee said last week: "I almost wish that there would be like a simultaneous telecast and all Americans would be forced, forced — at gun point no less — to listen to every David Barton message. And I think our country would be better for it. I wish it’d happen."

In 1952 Congress designated the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer, an event now hijacked by Seven Mountains proponents. Check out their bizarre and not a little terrifying promotional clip.

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