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Giuliani To Run For President?

According to wingnut Rep. Steve King (R-NY), former NYC Mayor Rudy "9/11" Giuliani is set to announce a run for the GOP 2012 presidential nomination.
"If he were to make the decision today, he would run," says King. Speaking at a dinner with reporters in Washington, King, who was an enthusiastic Giuliani supporter in 2008, said the former mayor has been quietly lining up support and exploring strategy. Giuliani has also examined the mistakes his campaign made in '08, when he did not seriously compete in a contest until the Florida primary, by which time he was hopelessly behind in the race. It's unclear what effect a Giuliani candidacy would have on the primary campaign. There is an ongoing conversation among Republican political insiders about supposed voter unhappiness with the GOP field, and after Indiana governor Mitch Daniels' decision not to run, pundits and strategists have focused on hopes that New Jersey governor Chris Christie or House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan might be coaxed into running. Others have mentioned the name of former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Few observers have looked to Giuliani as a possible savior of the Republican Party.
In a poll of New Hampshire Republicans released two days ago, Giuliani tied for third in the field of potential GOP candidates.

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