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Jesus Loved Employment Discrimination

Whackadoodle dominionist and American history revisionist David Barton says that Jesus H. Christ himself endorsed employment discrimination. Therefore, of course, Christian organizations should be exempt from hiring laws.
Now discrimination today is always a bad word a hundred percent of the time, but it simply means making a choice between or making a difference between. And discrimination means I am going to discriminate and say I can tell a difference between a Christian and a non-Christian and therefore I only want Christians working on my church staff. I can tell the difference between someone who says they're homosexual and someone who says they're straight. A secular organization has a tough time discriminating, but a church needs to have the right to discriminate. This is a biblical issue because Jesus has an entire parable in Matthew 20: 1-15 where he talks about a landowner who had a vineyard who went out to hire folks to work in his vineyard.
Right Wing Watch notes that Barton has previously cited the same Bible passage to support his claim that Jesus would have opposed the minimum wage.

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