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Quote Of The Day - Sam Pee Yalley

"Genocide results in the extermination of the human race and if you expand the meaning of homosexuality to mean that a man cannot have a child with another man, then it means that that practice would lead to the extermination of mankind. Therefore, if I am to charge anybody apart from having unnatural carnal knowledge, I would also charge him with genocide and see how he can get out of that situation. If you are a man and you are having canal knowledge with a man how are you going to have a child? I agree totally with the clergy in condemning it." - Former Ghana Deputy Minister Sam Pee Yalley.

Ghana, like many African nations, is currently being swept with murderous anti-gay fervor largely fueled by the words and money of American evangelists like Scott Lively.

RELATED: Yalley was recently appointed as the head legal official for the Confederation of African Tennis, a continent-wide consortium of tennis-playing nations.

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