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Hate Group Leader Linda Harvey Issues 10 Ways To Continue Abusing LGBT Kids

Linda Harvey of Mission America, a 2012 inductee onto the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of hate groups, has posted a World Net Daily column titled: "Ten Reasons To Walk Out On The 'Day Of Silence.'" It begins:
1. A silent protest in support of immoral, God-dishonoring behavior is in itself profoundly deceptive. All sexual behavior outside man/woman marriage is sinful in God’s eyes. Why should Christian students and teachers be in the position of accommodating this flagrant violation of their principles?

2. Any explicit or implicit message encouraging teens and even younger students to experiment freely with homosexual behavior is not “social justice” or “tolerance,” but actually, child corruption.

3. Allowing classroom silence to honor the Day of Silence unleashes tremendous peer pressure for students and even teachers to endorse sexual immorality, or be considered “enemies” of those peers and teachers proudly involved in homosexuality. This puts people of faith in the position of violating Christian doctrine through tacit approval (Romans 16:17-18; Ephesians 5:11). They are also intimidated into self-censoring their First Amendment rights.
As we've seen time and time again, anti-gay Christianist leaders want nothing short of an unbridled license to verbally, physically, and spiritually abuse gay kids. If these children "come to Jesus" during their torture, that's fantastic. And if they kill themselves? That's just too fucking bad.

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