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TEXAS: GOProud Welcomes Racism-Tinged Former Log Cabin Dallas Chapter

You might recall that last fall the Log Cabin Republicans dissolved their Dallas chapter after its president, Rob Schlein, went on national radio to declare that businesses should have the right to fire people for being black. Schlein went on to write an editorial column backing Rick Perry for the GOP nomination. This week the former members of that LCR chapter have elected to join GOProud, which has welcomed them despite last year's racism scandal.

Dallas Voice has the press release:
“Metroplex Republicans is one of the strongest and most influential local gay conservative groups in the country,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud executive director. “We are lucky to add them to the GOProud family. “For years, Metroplex Republicans have been an incredibly important and influential player on the Texas political scene. They have built an impressive grassroots organization with long-standing and impressive political ties to the state and local Republican leadership,” continued LaSalvia.

“We are pleased to be able to announce our intention to affiliate with GOProud,” said Rob Schlein, President of Metroplex Republicans. “We have been admirers of the great work GOProud has done since their founding in 2009. In just three short years, GOProud has established itself as the leading voice nationally for gay conservatives. They have built bridges in the conservative movement, thought outside the box, and fundamentally transformed how the world thinks about gay conservatives. We are thrilled at the opportunity to join the GOProud family.”
The first guest speaker for the new group will be GOP Senate candidate Lela Pittinger, who says she'll meet with them because, after all, Jesus ate dinner with sinners.

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