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Alveda King: Wharrgarbl

"The Democratic party platform contains entitlements which include robbing social security of funds by killing or preventing the birth of potential contributors; welfare handouts without providing America's underserved a work ethic and the dignity of contributing to the society which serves them; casual sex with harmful chemical and surgeries as solutions to consequences; penalties to companies who promote Bible values; and an unequal distribution of taxation. All result in punishing people for considering moral consequences while rewarding harmful behaviors and robbing America's coffers.

"Entitling people to unrestrained behaviors without consequences can be a very expensive venture in the long run. Voting our values can be empowering on the other hand; which could bless our bank accounts on the way home from the polls. Staying home on Election Day isn't an option. People died so that all Americans can vote. Voting is a civil right. Considering morals while pulling the lever is just plain common sense." - Alveda King, in a press release presumably responding to some black pastors who have said that blacks shouldn't vote for a Muslim communist OR a Mormon.

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