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Pennsylvania Gets First Gay Legislator

You may recall that I met Brian Sims at the DNC after he'd already won his Pennsylvania House primary.  As Sims ran in uncontested in the general election, he is now officially Pennsylvania's  first-ever openly gay legislator.
He had no Republican opponent in Tuesday’s general election so once the first vote was cast and no write-ins were visible, Sims was considered elected by the end of the night. Sims says he’s proud to be the first LGBT legislator to be elected in Pennsylvania, but says that distinction will not define him once he is sworn in at the beginning of January. “I want to change our tax code. I also want to grapple back so much of that funding that we lost for education. So, I’ve got my work cut out for me in a whole bunch of areas,” he says.
Thanks to Zack Ford for the reminder. BTW, Sims told me he's a daily JMG reader.

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