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Eugene Delgaudio Feels Abandoned

"Dear Joe, I've never felt so alone in the fight for the Family. It's funny to think how this time of year I am surrounded by my family and friends, and yet I feel like I am the only one defending the American Family. To be honest with you, I don't know if I can go on much longer. It seems like everyone is turning against me and now I am left wondering if you are still with me. You see, round this time of year donations fall off, but this year seems worse than ever... it seems there are fewer of us than ever before.

"At a time I should be happy, I can't help but worry if we will be around this time next year. At times like this I turn to close friends and supporters like you, Joe, for the strength to keep on fighting. You have always been there for the Family... and for me. I know it is impossible to respond every time I ask and painful to give as much as is needed. But I need to know you're still with me." - Hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio, who pays himself hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the Social Security checks of elderly widows, in today's emailed money beg.

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