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Bill Donohue Rallies Catholics To Oppose Colorado's Civil Unions Bill

"Far and away the biggest problem for the Catholic community, and for the rights of other faith communities, is the matter of religious liberty. To demand that Catholic adoptive agencies place children in a household of two adults of the same sex is to eviscerate their Catholicity. There is no getting around it. It is not without meaning that Senate Bill 11 explicitly says, 'A priest, minister, rabbi or other official of a religious institution or denomination or an Indian nation or tribe is not required to certify a civil union in violation of his or her right to free exercise of religion.' So if the sponsors of the bill recognize the religious liberty implications of forcing the clergy to give their blessings to homosexual unions, they should also recognize the religious liberty implications of forcing religious social service agencies to give their blessings to such arrangements. To offer one exemption but not the other is illogical and unconstitutional. On Friday, Catholics will rally at noon on the steps of the State Capitol in Denver. We urge all area Catholics to attend." - Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue.

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