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BRITAIN: Anti-Gay Group Distributes One Million Anti-Marriage Leaflets

Britain's Coalition For Marriage says it is distributing one million anti-gay leaflets to voters in the home districts of members of Parliament who are considered wobbly on supporting the government's plan to legalize same-sex marriage.
The leaflets were being delivered door to door, and campaigners had been handing them out on the streets of marginal constituencies in the south west, and plan to visit others ahead of the vote. The leaflets contain photographs and contact details of local MPs, with text urging voters to lobby them in a bid to have the legislation rejected when it comes to a vote in parliament, reports the Christian Institute.

This proved problematic last week, as Sarah Newton, the Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth, said leaflets handed out in her area wrongly implied she supported the group. She said she was angry at the misrepresentation and intended to seek legal advice. Campaign director of C4M, Colin Hart, said: “Our local activists are fired up to oppose these undemocratic proposals from a Government that is increasingly looking out of touch with ordinary men and women.
LGBT activists claim that 330 MPs have indicated their support of Prime Minister David Cameron's plan, while only 126 have voiced their opposition. There are presently 650 members of Parliament. (Via Pink News)

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