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Christians Send Paris Mayor Pennies To Cover Damage From Anti-Gay March

Last month openly gay Paris Mayor Betrand Delanoe a levied a €100,000 repair fine against the organizers of a massive anti-gay marriage rally in order to cover damage done to the landscaping at a city park.  In response, attendees are sending Delanoe an avalanche of tiny checks because it will cost Paris more than the amount of each payment to issue receipts.
Organizers urged supporters to send checks for between 10 cents and 1 euro, or about $1.30, to City Hall. When 9,000 people did, raising $1,175, Delanoe admitted the donations were literally more trouble than they were worth. He told French radio he did not know what to do with the money as he was obliged to issue a receipt for each check. Apart from the cost of staff labor and envelopes he added: "It's going to cost me more in postage than I've received."  Officials say the Champ-de-Mars lawns, normally reopened after a winter rest in April, will remain closed off to the public until June.
RELATED: The upper house of the French legislature is scheduled to vote on marriage equality on April 2nd. It is expected to pass and President Francois Hollande has vowed to sign the bill.  The bill passed overwhelmingly in the lower house last month.

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