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Rep. Paul Broun To Run For Senate

Back in October, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) announced that evolution is a "lie straight from the pit of hell" and that anybody who doesn't believe the earth was created in six days needs Jesus.  He further declared that his votes in Congress were done under "direction from the Holy Bible."  Today Broun will declare his candidacy to replace Saxby Chamblis in the Senate.  This is good news.
A Broun candidacy would likely be welcome news for Democrats eager to revisit the list of Broun's incendiary remarks and to paint Broun as extreme—a label establishment Republicans are fighting against this election cycle after their 2012 presidential loss. Broun has also openly questioned President Barack Obama's citizenship and, last month, suggested Obama abides by the "Soviet constitution." Broun would likely be challenged in the primary. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel and Georgia Rep. Tom Price are among the Republicans regarded as potential candidates.
PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Paul Broun calls for armed militias to revolt against the federal government. Paul Broun calls for Congress to declare it to be the "National Year Of The Bible."  Paul Broun says that President Obama is planning to create Gestapo-like force to impose a dictatorship.  Paul Broun authors a bill to block the sale of Playboy on military bases.

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