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Crazy Eyes Launches 2014 Ads

Michele Bachmann came thisclose to losing her House seat in November and she's already launched her first television ads of the 2014 campaign.
Bachmann, a conservative firebrand who waged an unsuccessful 2012 presidential campaign, has bought around $85,000 in TV airtime in the suburban Twin Cities area, National Journal reported, citing Federal Communications Commission records and an ad-buying source. The purchase comes at a remarkably early point in the 2014 cycle — House members do not typically begin running commercials until the year of the election — and indicates how seriously the congresswoman is taking her reelection. Bachmann is facing a rematch against Democrat Jim Graves, a hotel company executive who came within just 5,000 votes — or 1.2 percentage points — of defeating her last year.
Hit the link to watch the clip.

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