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No Criminal Indictment For Delgaudio

A Virginia grand jury has rejected a criminal indictment for anti-gay crackpot Eugene Delgaudio, who is accused of having used a public employee to perform fundraising for his hate group. According to the grand jury, Virginia law considers the misuse of public assets to be a crime only when committed by full-time state employees. County commissioners like Delgaudio are considered part-time employees.

The grand jury did make six recommendations, the first of which is  "that the General Assembly amend the state code to make clear that anyone who works for or is elected to any government body is subject to the misuse of public assets statute."

More from the Loudoun Times:
The special grand jury report does not necessarily clear Delgaudio of wrongdoing. It states: “While the jury cannot speak for [Stamos], we believe that at least one significant reason that the jury not asked to return an indictment is a result of limitations imposed by the Code of Virginia. “This report summarizes evidence that suggests the misuse of public assets may have occurred within Supervisor Delgaudio's office between Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 and explains why such misuse may not be criminal in this instance.” The Loudoun County Democratic Committee said it's not surprised at the outcome of the case. As such, members of the committee will be serving petitions to the circuit court “very soon” for the court to consider removing Delgaudio from office.
Delgaudio is holding a press conference this afternoon. Expect a triumphant "Dear Joe" email shortly afterwards.

RELATED: Delgaudio's Public Advocate is listed as a hate group by the SPLC, who is presently suing him for using a gay couple's wedding photo in an anti-gay mailer. Public Advocate is the only hate group on the SPLC's list that is headed by an elected official.

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