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Paris Works To Be Nicer

The tourism bureau of Paris has issued a politeness training manual for locals.
Rude guides, miserable waiters, unhelpful shop staff - these are just a few of the complaints visitors to Paris often make about the city. And it seems tourism chiefs have finally got the message. In the future, visitors may find themselves more welcome, more at home, and better understood in the French capital, thanks to a new manual that will be handed out to those who work in the tourism industry or who come into regular contact with visitors. The 'Do you speak touriste?' campaign, run jointly by the Paris chamber of commerce (CCI) and the regional tourism committee (CRT), was launched on Tuesday. It consists of a manual, which is being sent out to 30,000 tourism industry professionals, as well as a website.
A tourism official notes that British tourists typically want friendliness and a fun experience, while Americans expect speed, efficiency, and a "mastery of English."

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