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Breitbart: JFK's Killer Was A Liberal

Breitbart is blaming the assassination of JFK on the ACLU and liberalism.
Although conspiracy theories abound as to who orchestrated President John F. Kennedy’s murder 50 years ago, there is little doubt regarding who actually pulled the trigger and shot the 35th president: left-wing radical Lee Harvey Oswald. Whatever theories exist about connections to the Soviet Union, Cuba, the mob, the CIA, or anything else, Lee Harvey Oswald was a leftist true believer that wanted to take out the President of the United States and leader of the free world. Ultimately, Oswald was militantly anti-American, desperately tried to join the country’s enemies, and would have willingly betrayed the United States. That he killed a president many liberals adore was incidental to his Communist cause that was most threatened by the democratically-elected leader of the United States and the American people.
One wonders how many Breitbart readers would endorse the Christian American Patriots Militia?

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