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Sarah Palin Has The Filibuster Sadz

"This is significant as further proof that our government is so broken. When politicians can’t get anything to work, they change rules and hope we’ll just get distracted. The hugely divisive, dysfunctional “Nuclear Option” sets a terrible precedent. Mark Levin appropriately calls it 'the latest act of leftist tyranny.' It’s also leftist hypocrisy. Back under Republican control of the Senate, Democrats blocked President Bush’s judicial appointees. But don’t let this distraction ruin your Thanksgiving, America! Be thankful for at least one thing revealed in this latest radical act of the far left: more Americans are now stirred from slumber! Only a Butterball’s serotonin-induced sleepiness after dinner will lull us back in; Senate power grabbing distractions won’t do it." - Sarah Palin, writing today on her Facebook page.

And now...we go back in time....uh, wait. Back in 2005 Sarah Palin was the unemployed former mayor of a tiny town then most famous for having produced porn actress April Flowers, who that year won an award for Best All-Girls Sex Scene in Bad Wives 2.

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