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The Christian American Patriots Militia

JMG reader Steven sends us the above from the Facebook page of Christian American Patriots Militia. Note the hundreds of shares and the date of November 19th, which was the day of Larry Klayman's call for the beginning of "the second American revolution." From their Facebook page:
These rogues and thugs are in fact supplanting our Constitution with a communist Oligarchy of corrupt political and legal elites. Christian American patriots, this is no time to be silent nor to sit. (Romans 1:16) We must NOW RISE and FIGHT VIGOROUSLY to protect our nation and our posterity. Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren depend on you. We need no further evidence that those we trusted are not honoring their oaths: Their oaths are not sacred to them---abusing us and disobeying God. Therefore, it is time that we remove them from their duties. It is time to act; and we pray that God give us guidance as we do.

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