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Brian Brown: No More Marriage #Fails

"Despite being grammatically incorrect, our culture has officially made the verb 'fail' into a noun, and the expression seems here to stay. It pops up on social media all the time: a major political gaffe or celebrity embarrassment, for example, is labeled a major #fail, as occurred at the recent Oscar ceremony with John Travolta's unfortunate pronunciation of artist Idina Menzel's name. Well, just a few days ago we witnessed a huge #fail of much more consequence in our national public discourse on marriage and religious liberty. Over the past two weeks media elites, politicians, activists, and opinion writers were climbing over one another to reach the heights of histrionics in their expression of hatred for a bill in Arizona: SB 1062, a bill that aimed to clarify the state's existing statutory religious liberty protections. We deserve better from our public officials — and we must demand it. The time has come to stand up and speak out. Write a letter to the editor, call your local station's news hotline, visit your federal legislator's local district offices. Most importantly, ask your elected officials what their position on marriage is and then hold them accountable! These are the grassroots actions we need more and more citizens to start doing so that we can turn our public discourse from a major #fail to a big #win!" - Hate group leader Brian Brown, posting today to NOM's blog.

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