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Michael Sam Drafted By St. Louis Rams

What a great day for LGBT people. Arkansas. Eurovision. And now pro football. Politics, pop culture, pro sports - there is NOTHING our people can't do.

UPDATE: ESPN just ran a live shot from Michael Sam's home where they showed him kissing his boyfriend after smashing a celebratory cake in each others' faces. THAT is a first for pro football.
"Without a doubt, this is a game changer," said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. "Today, Michael Sam has redefined what it takes to be a champion. He's tackled stereotypes and joins the ranks of athletic trailblazers like Jason Collins and Brittney Griner in showing Americans that there's no place for homophobia on the field. As support for equality continues to surge, it's clear that sports fans are ready, football is ready, and America is ready for its first openly gay NFL player."
“We congratulate Michael Sam and the St. Louis Rams on their terrific decision to draft him. Today, LGBT young people can look to Sam as proof that being open and proud of who you are doesn't keep you from achieving your dreams. Gay people are our neighbors and friends. They're our United States Senators and, starting today, they're our professional football stars.”
UPDATE IV: Michael Sam gets the call with his boyfriend by his side. You might want a tissue for this.

UPDATE: Here's the cake-kiss clip. Replayed over and over.

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