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ARKANSAS: Governor Vows To Replace Supreme Court Justices Who Recused Themselves From Same-Sex Marriage Case

Via the Arkansas News:
Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Thursday he plans to move quickly to appoint special justices to replace members of the state Supreme Court who recused themselves from a new case spun off from a challenge to Arkansas’ ban on gay marriage. On Wednesday, Chief Justice Jim Hannah and Justice Paul Danielson recused themselves from a new case that a majority of the justices recently created to resolve procedural issues in the gay marriage case. Hannah and Danielson both said they saw no need for the new case, and Hannah accused the majority members of seeking to delay ruling on gay marriage. Also, Justice Rhonda Wood recused herself from the new case last week. The new case was created to determine whether the court should hear new oral arguments, with new members who joined the court in January participating, or should rule based on the record, written arguments already submitted and oral arguments that were presented Nov. 20.
The Eighth Circuit Court will hear oral arguments in a separate Arkansas marriage case on May 12th.

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