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"Ex-Gay" Crackpots: Obama Is Promoting Suicide And Enabling Pedophiles

Via Christian Newswire:
Under the guise of liberating young people, President Obama reduced their freedom by condemning all therapeutic efforts to alter one's sexual identity. His administration went on record Wednesday night to ensure that all gay people in the USA have no clinical option but to embrace their homosexuality. "It is tragic that children who have been exposed to unwanted sexual advances or abuse by same-sex adults can no longer seek therapeutic help for resolving their sexual confusion," says Anne Paulk. "By withholding therapy to those in confusion we provoke suicidal ideation." Paulk is the director for The Restored Hope Network a coalition of Christian ministries that offer hope for those hurting from sexual or relational brokenness, especially those impacted by homosexuality. "There is a growing intolerance of Christian sexual ethics. This may soon lead to a moratorium on giving therapeutic licenses to people with a biblical worldview," explains Paulk.
In 1998 Anne Paulk appeared on the now-infamous "ex-gay" cover of Newsweek with her then-husband John Paulk, who was later caught in a DC gay bar. John Paulk denounced the "ex-gay" movement in 2013 and now lives as an openly gay man. But Anne is still clinging desperately to a flailing crusade whose major group, Exodus International, dissolved two years ago. 

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