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Wingnuts Call For Firing Of Anderson Cooper Over Teabagging Joke

World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah didn't like Anderson Cooper's teabagging joke and wants him fired for it.

CNN's Anderson Cooper should have his dirty, little gutter mouth washed out with soap. Then he should be fired. Cooper, a cover boy on the homosexual magazine "The Advocate" and listed as among the most powerful "gays" in the country by OUT magazine, made what can only be characterized as an obscene and disgusting comment during CNN's biased coverage of Wednesday's "tea party" protests around the country. "It's hard to talk when you're tea-bagging," he said. That was a revolting attempt at "inside humor" by Anderson Cooper. "Tea-bagging" is known in the homosexual subculture as a practice involving a particular form of oral sex. This is hardly the kind of comment Americans would expect from a respectable TV newsman paid by one of America's largest media corporations in prime time.

What Farah is deliberately failing to note, of course, is that teabagging is scarcely a practice limited to homosexuals. Check out the (totally NSFW) hetero porn series Monsters Of Teabagging, as just one example. "Four hours of takin' them by the balls!"

Farah goes on to rail against Cooper for his previous comments about "ex-gays" and wonders this:
Is he becoming an open advocate for the homosexual agenda in his role at CNN, as his popularity with the homosexual press suggests? Is he ready to reveal his own sexual preferences to the world? Is he ready to discuss his own faith? Does he understand what the Apostle Paul had to say about homosexuals? (Romans 1:22-27) Is he more of an expert on Christianity and homosexuality than Paul? One wonders just how many happy homosexual Christians Cooper has met.
RELATED: In December, Farah got into a flame war with Wikipedia because somebody kept editing his page to read "Joseph Farah is a noted homosexual."

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