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Maine Marriage Money War Heats Up

Hot on the heels of last week's news that Maine's Ethics Commission is looking into the fundraising practices of Stand For Marriage, today we learned that the pro-gay No on 1 campaign has raised $2.7M from 12,000 donors, almost half of which came from Mainers themselves. But that may not be enough as polls show the issue still too close to call. The team at AmericaBlog has set up a dedicated donation page on Act Blue where you can help with a last-minute push.

Meanwhile, Stand For Marriage has the gall to complain about "outside interference" in Maine. This from an organization whose entire existence is based on outside interference. From their Fuckweasel-In-Chief, Marc Mutty.
"Today's financial reports reveal a disturbing, but unsurprising reality. Our opponents, while claiming to be the home-grown, locally supported campaign, have amassed from virtually every state in the nation a campaign fortune of more than $2 million to destroy traditional marriage in Maine.

"They don't want to defend the teaching of homosexual marriage to young children in public schools, so they are spending millions to try to deny and deny. They don't want to talk about individuals, small businesses and religious groups being sued for refusing to support homosexual marriage, so they are spending millions to calls us liars. And they don't want to explain to voters why the law they sponsored and advocated strips from Maine's marriage statutes the interests of nurturing children, so they are spending millions making the oxymoronic claim that we are trying to 'harm children.'

"We have been outspent approximately $2.6 million to $1.1 million, yet the fate of Question 1 is too close to call. That goes to show that even with millions of dollars pouring in from well-heeled political elite, gay activists in Hollywood, New York, Massachusetts, or the democratic political machine, Act Blue, our messages of truthful consequences of erasing the definition of traditional marriage is resonating with Mainers."

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