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Reversal: Paris All-Muslim Soccer Team Will Play Gay Team After All

Saying that the controversy was all just a misunderstanding, an all-Muslim amateur soccer team in Paris has announced that they will play the all-gay team after all. That decision came after the gay team said they considered the rejection to be homophobic and were considering pressing charges under French law.
In a statement, Bebel director Zahir Belgharbi insisted there had been "a misunderstanding" and said his team were ready to play against Paris Foot Gay. He told AFP: "We had rejected playing this match not on the grounds of homophobia, as we have been accused of doing, but simply because the name of the club did not seem to us to reflect our vision of sport. We reacted by turning down the invitation from Paris Foot Gay for fear of it leading to an instrumentalisation on the part of this club in that it was highlighting the homosexuality of its players."
Both teams will take part in a league meeting this week. The Muslim team faces disciplinary action or expulsion from the league.

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