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It's A JMG Media Frenzy

If you're not really bored with the story, here's a roundup of some of the news coverage about Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, and the Liberty Counsel calling the FBI about this here website thingy. Like an internet game of "Telephone," the story bounced from one wingnut site to another, getting worse along the way until it looked like I, myself, had called for the bombing of churches.

From The Left.....

Village Voice
Conservatives War With Gay Blogger, Call FBI Over Comments
Pink News UK
Gay Blogger Accused Of Terrorism By Religious Right-Wingers
National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association
Is The FBI Coming After JoeMyGod?
The Advocate
Right-Winger Calls FBI On Joe.My.God.
The Raw Story
Conservative Group Links Gay Rights Movement To Islamic Terrorism

Washington Blade
Don't Give The Fundies Fodder
Let's All Exploit Murdered Soldiers!

From The Right....

Land Of The Free
"Gay" Activists Mull "Organized Terrorism" Against Christians
World Net Daily -
"Gay" Blogger Calls Church-Bomb Threat A "Joke"

OneNewsNow (Focus On The Family)
Homosexual Blog Forecasts Violence
Illinois Family Institute
Aggression In The Campaign To Destroy Marriage

Many other wingnut sites have have reprinted the above stories, here's a few: Dakota Voice, Free Republic, Free Republic (again), Patriots & Liberty, (Interestingly, one conservative religious blog came to my defense.)

Still no call or visit from the FBI, what with them having to deal with actual terrorists threats against the president on hundreds of hate sites. Meanwhile, I've deleted a couple of dozen obviously planted comments made by LaBarbera/Barber supporters, most of whom laughably don't even know enough gay lingo to sound remotely real. Here's one I read on Michelangelo's radio show yesterday: "As a BLGT man I am ready to take a machine gun to the closest church!" He's BLGT! All at once!

Funny, yes. But it's also a vivid example of the Christianist campaign to fabricate any kind of incident that they can then use as an example of "homosexual violence" against Christians. Speaking of which, JMG commenter Cold Country, whom Peter LaBarbera described yesterday as a "violent homosexual extremist," wrote to me to out herself as a 59 year-old straight woman. Sorry, Porno Pete - you don't have that "smoking gun" yet!

Yesterday the Village Voice contacted me to see if I wanted to respond to LaBarbera's whiny complaint to them that I was "uncivil" to him. I said, "Yeah, tell him I said 'Fuck you! Fuck you right in the ear.'" How's that for civil?

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