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MTV Gets Threats, Loses Advertiser Over Reality Show Jersey Shore

According to an unnamed "insider," Fox News is reporting that MTV has had to hire extra security for its Times Square headquarters after receiving threats about its "Guido" reality show, Jersey Shore.
After the show's Dec. 3 premiere, featuring cast members self-described as "guidos" and "guidettes," MTV staffers were reportedly the target of threats, according to Fox "The MTV building in Times Square was getting crazy threats and they are in the process of hiring more security [and] bodyguards," an insider revealed to Fox News. Those involved with the press for the show were particular targets — receiving threatening emails, abusive phone calls and even hurtful Facebook messages, says the insider. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for MTV responded to the rumors, but said everything was fine at their headquarters. He denied the insider's claim entirely, saying that the company "has not received any death threats."
MTV may be denying the threats, but an MTV staffer friend of mine mentioned them to me on Friday, long before this story broke. Dominos Pizza has pulled their ads from the series in response to complaints - others are being pressured to do the same.

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