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Focus On The Family Buys Second Tebow Super Bowl Commercial

CBS has sold a second anti-abortion ad to Focus On The Family. This one, also featuring the Tebows, will be aired during the pre-game show.
News of the second ad comes just days after, anticipating the Tebow ad, Planned Parenthood posted an online ad featuring Olympian Al Joyner and former NFL player Sean James defending abortion rights. Interest groups including the National Organization for Women have asked CBS to drop the Tebow ad. Although Focus on the Family won't reveal its ads' details, CEO Jim Daly says the original ad was rejected by CBS. In it, Pam Tebow, who was advised by a doctor to have an abortion for medical reasons when pregnant with her son, said, "Both of our lives were at risk." "They felt that was too much," he says. "So we dropped the line. We didn't fight them." The word "abortion" is never used. The ad is "an open discussion on the sanctity of human life — not just the issue of abortion," Daly says. It was made for less than $100,000 with "a bit of humor in it — in fitting with the Super Bowl theme."
Via Towleroad, here's an amusing Tebow response ad made by Jimmy Kimmel's team.

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