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GOProud WILL Speak At CPAC 2010

Log Cabin Republicans splinter group GOProud, a co-sponsor of this year's CPAC wingnut summit, will be allowed to speak at one of the conference's panels after all. Just not about anything remotely gay-related. Via Chris Johnson at DC Agenda:
According to the website for the Conversative Political Action Conference, which will take place in D.C., the gay conservative group known as GOProud is set to speak Feb. 20 on a panel titled “Using Technology to Mobilize Conservatives.” Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, will represent the organization on the panel. He said he wanted to speak on technology because his group has heavily relied on the Internet to get the word out since GOProud’s launch last year. “I think we’re going to bring a unique perspective to talk about how we have been able to use social networking like Facebook and Twitter as well as just Internet in general and e-mail to reach folks all over the country, in rural areas, in parts of the country that we haven’t necessarily been able to visit,” he said.
When asked why GOProud wouldn't be speaking on a panel about LGBT issues, LaSalvia said, "Frankly, there really aren't any."

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