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Utah's Final Solution: Patriot Group Announces Bill To Force All Homosexuals Out Of The State, Arrest Fugitives

Hoax or real? Calling it "Utah's Fair Solution", a group called Patriots For A Moral Utah is holding a press conference today to announce legislation that would force all homosexuals to leave the state. The bill would create a transportation system for shipping all gays out of the state and would criminalize any Utah citizen who "harbors a remaining homosexual." Here's the press release they sent out yesterday:
Patriots For A Moral Utah are pleased to announce a press conference tomorrow, at which time we will announce a new bill which outlining a solution to the problem of homosexuality in Utah. In the past 5 years it has become increasingly difficult and troublesome for the stead-fast and moral citizens of Utah to live their lives and their faith in peace, while the homosexuals continually force their choices and behaviors on us. This new legislation, titled the "Utah Fair Solution," will offer a peaceful but effective end to the tribulation in our blessed state. Despite promises from the homosexual activists to be out in force at the press conference, our President Nora Young has scheduled the announcement for 1pm in the Capitol Rotunda (March 8th). Please Join us.

Paul Jackson
Public Relations
Patriots For A Moral Utah
Let's see. Forced relocation. Transport system. Penalties for harboring. Yup. Sounds like an authentic Final Solution to me. Also sounds like hoax, but you never know. You may laugh at these idiots, but this yet another example of the recent avalanche of Christianist calls to criminalize, imprison, and exterminate homosexuals in the United States. These demands are now made openly, boldly, without shame. And they are often coming from the top rungs of the most powerful and well-known Christian organizations in the nation.

Below are two excerpts from a multi-page PDF outlining the Final Solution legislation, as provided by JMG reader Michael in Salt Lake City. Read them carefully. If it's a hoax, it's pretty thorough!

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