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Elective Rectal Cleansing

Portfolio points us to a new Fleet disposable douche campaign targeted at gay men. Fleet's new product is for "elective rectal cleansing."
“We’ve always known that some of our consumers were using Fleet enemas for reasons other than to relieve constipation, so we wanted to develop a product that would meet the needs of those users and provide them with a safe way to cleanse and frequently if desired,” [Fleet brand manager Emily] Klopp said. Fleet sells about $30 million in enemas annually and dominates the market, Klopp said. It’s unclear the exact size of the market because Wal-Mart and other stores sell private-label brands and do not disclose their sales. The new version hits shelves at CVS drug stores and Target this month, followed by Walgreens next month and Rite-Aid in June. Wal-Mart is the only major retailer so far to balk at carrying it, Klopp said.

The company commissioned polling firm Harris Interactive last year to research the market potential and found that 3.7 percent of the general population had used an enema to “electively rectally cleanse” in the prior year. A study focusing specifically on gay and bisexual men found 21 percent of them had done so. Yet Harris found the two populations do so for different reasons: 80 percent of the general population said they used an enema for “health and well-being” while 87 percent of gay and bisexual men said they did so as a precursor to “anal intimacy.” About 38 percent of the general population said they used enemas for “anal intimacy”; respondents were permitted to select more than one answer.
Fleet Naturals contains no laxative and the tip has a condom-safe lubricant, so clearly they've done their homework. Hit the link for more info and for other images from the campaign. And we should definitely send a case to New Hampshire Rep. Nancy "Wriggling In Excrement" Elliot.

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