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Christian Group Claims They Prayed Away The Times Square Car Bomb

Remember that hilarious FAIL of an anti-gay Christianist rally that took place on May Day in Washington, DC? Today Right Wing Watch tips us that rally organizer Janet Porter is now saying that they prayed them some prayers that were SO good, that as a thank you bonus, God decided to make sure that there Times Square car bomb would not blow up. Glory! Praise His Name!
According to Right Wing Watch, Porter was forced to cover the rally's financial deficit of "ten of thousands of dollars" because only 300 out of the expected 8000 attendees showed up. Glory! Praise His Name!

RELATED: As insult to the delicious injury above, Janet Porter's daily radio show has been dropped by Voice Of Christian Youth America because of her increasingly rabid dominionist theology. VCY America says: "This has not been an easy decision, but a line has been crossed that VCY America cannot ignore. Faith2Action has chosen to go in a direction that is not consistent with the biblical position of VCY America."

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