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Gay PUMA Site Founder Kevin DuJan Wants To Run Sarah Palin's 2012 Campaign

Kevin DuJan, the founder of HillBuzz, the gay PUMA site that has claimed that Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel were once regular patrons of a Chicago bathhouse, tells CBS that his dream is to run Sarah Palin's 2012 presidential campaign.
If you close your eyes and think, "Diehard Sarah Palin supporter," an image of Kevin DuJan is unlikely to come to mind. A 33-year-old gay man who works as a development consultant and freelance writer, DuJan has long considered himself a Clinton Democrat. During the 2008 primaries, he spent his weekdays running phone banks for Hillary Clinton out of his home in the Boystown neighborhood of Chicago and traveled to 26 states and Puerto Rico on behalf of the candidate. But after Clinton suspended her campaign, DuJan made a dramatic about face and spent the general election volunteering for the Republican ticket.

When John McCain named Sarah Palin his vice presidential nominee, DuJan was overjoyed, and Palin quickly became his new political idol. He is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of February 6, 2011, the date he has decided that Sarah Palin will announce her 2012 presidential campaign in Tampico, Illinois, to mark the 100th anniversary of hometown hero Ronald Reagan's birthday. DuJan has even picked out the color he wants Palin to use for her presidential campaign logo (green, in order to dilute criticisms from the left that she is anti-environment). "I make people in the neighborhood mad all the time because I'm not a liberal," DuJan says over coffee at Nookies Tree Restaurant, where the colors of the rainbow flag appear on nearly every corner and adult boutiques are easier to find than convenience stores. "Here in the neighborhood, if you don't toe the liberal line, they immediately attack you."
In January, Freeper and teabaggers rallied around DuJan when he claimed that members of the Democratic Underground and Daily Kos forums were physically threatening him for supporting Palin. Even Michelle Malkin weighed in to support DuJan.

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