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The Gay Gestapo Is After Ruben Diaz

According to Rev. Jason McQuire of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom, we're gay Nazis for opposing Sen. Ruben Diaz.
“To work for or against candidates that one feels strongly about is the democratic process in America, but this latest Nazi-esque attempt to dig up dirt on a public official’s private life crosses the line,” said McGuire. “Senator Diaz has been a lightning rod for same-sex marriage activists displeased with his strong defense of the family. Same-sex marriage activists are merely looking for ways to agitate the deep pockets of their base in an election year. They know that Sen. Diaz has been a strong advocate for the Hispanic and African-American communities. He is loved by the people of the Bronx, and has nothing to fear from the gay Gestapo.”
In 2008, Diaz bused 10,000 Hispanic evangelicals into NYC to beat their bibles and chant about homosexual damnation. And we're the Nazis? Incidentally, Diaz is now campaigning for the return of Hiram "Slasher" Monserrate. Because having a convicted spouse abuser in the state Senate is OK, as long as he hates queers.

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